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A week and a half after the election, and while incumbent President Trump still refuses to acknowledge his loss – US television networks last night (Friday) announced the final number of electors each candidate won in the presidential election. President-elect Biden garnered 306 electors while Trump won only 232 electors. Another report over the weekend caused great embarrassment in Iran, after the New York Times reported that Israeli agents assassinated the life of No. 2 in al Qaeda about three months ago in Tehran – at the request of the United States. The best news, articles and articles you received from us over the weekend.

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The race that seemed close ended in a significant gap in Biden’s favor

Major US media outlets announced last night that according to their forecast, Biden is also expected to win in Georgia and rake in its 16 electors – a state identified as a Republican state – and that the last time it supported the Democratic presidential candidate was in 1992, so Bill Clinton ran For the presidency.

According to forecasts, incumbent President Trump is expected to win in North Carolina, which has 15 electors in the coffers – but even winning it is not enough for him, since with his electors, Trump has reached only 232 electors. Biden, on the other hand, reached 306 electors and thus – is the winner of the presidential race, with a gap of 74 electors. To the full article.

A clear victory for Biden

Trump: “Time will tell what will happen, I do not know what kind of government will be here”

US President Donald Trump last night convened a first press conference since the loss in the presidential election. Trump stressed that his administration will not impose a general closure – and stressed that this will not happen as long as he is president and under his administration. What government will be here soon, time will tell. “That statement may be the first sign of Trump’s recognition of the election loss, in contrast to his decisive tweets on social media.

President of the United States"Trump speaks for the first time since the election loss (Photo: reuters)
Trump at a first press conference since the loss | Photo: reuters

New York Times report: Israel eliminates senior al Qaeda member at US request

According to four official sources, Israeli agents were behind the assassination of No. 2 in al Qaeda, Abdullah Ahmad Abdullah, about three months ago in Tehran at the request of the United States. Abdullah, known as Abu Muhammad al-Masri, was killed on the streets of Tehran by two assassins on a motorcycle in August 7, the anniversary of the attacks on embassies in Africa, along with his daughter Miriam, the widow of Osama bin Laden’s son, Hamza bin Laden, was killed. The Public Elimination For the full article.

Memorial service in memory of those who perished in the al-Qaeda attack at the embassy in Nairobi in 1998 (Photo: reuters)
A memorial service for those who perished in the al-Qaeda attack at the embassy in Nairobi, 1998 | Photo: reuters

Clashes between protesters and police on the way to Jerusalem

A group of hundreds of protesters against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marched in the afternoon from the Hemed interchange on Road 1 in the direction of Balfour Street in Jerusalem and was blocked by the police in the Beit Zayit area. Within a short time, clashes broke out at the site, the road to the east was blocked and traffic disruptions were recorded. Soon after, police reopened the road. Among the marchers were also four MKs: Moshe Boogie Ya’alon, Eli Avidar, Yair Golan and Ofer Shelach. 23 protesters were arrested on suspicion of disturbing public order after holding a pre-arranged procession and not receiving police approval. To the full article.

Clashes between protesters and police on the way to Jerusalem (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)
Clashes between protesters and police on the way to Jerusalem | Photo: Jonathan Zindel, Flash 90

Corona in the US: The worst day since the outbreak

US infection record: 184,514 new infections were diagnosed last night and 1,431 died after being infected with the virus. This is the highest number of infections since the epidemic broke out in the country, and the fourth consecutive day the negative record was broken. Once upon a time, 68,516 in number, and American experts estimate that things will deteriorate before it improves. To the full article.

Corona US tests"B (Photo: reuters)
The worst day since the outbreak. Corona in the USA | Photo: reuters

Obama in his new book on Netanyahu: “Smart, cunning and tough”

In a new book about his eight years in the White House, the details of which were revealed last night in Jewish Insider magazine, former US President Barack Obama revealed new details about his complex relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu, back in 2009, when the two leaders took office. In the book, Obama described Netanyahu as “smart, cunning, tough and a man with extraordinary communication skills who will also be charming when it may benefit him.” However, when it comes to political disagreements, the former American president noted: “Netanyahu’s image as the main protector of the Jewish people allowed him to justify almost anything that would keep him in power.” To the full article.


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