Shooting at Krugerplein, 21-year-old man seriously injured


A 21-year-old man was shot last night on Krugerplein in East. He was seriously injured.

A few minutes after midnight, the police received the first report of the shooting. Several ambulances and a mobile medical trauma team were called, the victim was rushed to hospital. According to local residents, a police helicopter also flew over the neighborhood.

Shortly afterwards, agents arrested two suspects. The criminal investigation department has started an investigation. Police officers from the Forensic Investigation Department did trace research last night.


Local residents told AT5 about a month ago that the square has been restless for months due to drug nuisance and loitering youths. Mayor Halsema then decided to have police cameras installed in three places: on the square itself, on the nearby Tugelaweg and on the nearby Albert Wittenbergplein.

According to Halsema, the police received dozens of reports of nuisance in the area in September and October. ‘Residents and entrepreneurs feel intimidated by the nuisance people. These incidents have a very negative effect on the perception of safety in the area. ‘

Two shots

Local residents let AT5 know that two shots were fired in the shooting last night.


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