Security officials warn: Israelis in Dubai could be a target …


After the assassination – the defense establishment fears Iranian attempts to harm Israelis in Dubai: In Iran, threats against Israel continued even today, following the assassination of the head of the Iranian nuclear program attributed to Israel. Tonight (Sunday) it was reported in the main edition that security officials are preparing for the possibility that the Iranians will try to harm Israeli vacationers in the UAE.

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In Israel and in various missions around the world, the alert has been raised in recent days. Now, in the shadow of the fear of attempts to harm Israelis in the Emirates, the defense establishment has begun to act to protect the Israelis visiting there. In addition, a joint mechanism was established together with the Emirates to ensure the security of Israeli vacationers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, in the recent period, even before the liquidation, many attempts have been made for cyber attacks against Israeli targets – mainly against water and energy infrastructure. All were thwarted as far as is known, but in Israel it is estimated that now, in view of the assassination, these attempts will only intensify.

Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi | צילום: Zhukov Oleg, shutterstock

Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has declared that Tehran will retaliate for the assassination. Khamenei said the top priority for him at the moment is “the absolute punishment of the perpetrators and of those who sent them.” He swore Iran would respond to the assassination, but did not specify how.

In recent days, the defense establishment has been preparing for a variety of possible Iranian operations. For years, the Iranian Quds Force has set up terrorist cells throughout Europe, South America and the Far East – units that can carry out attacks on Israeli embassies and against Jewish communities around the world.

In addition, Iran can also act against Israeli shipping lanes in the Red Sea – firing rockets, drones and missiles from Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza. In addition, senior Israeli officials – present and past – may also be targets in the eyes of the Iranians. , As an “eye for an eye”.


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