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According to some, it has already arrived in São Paulo: the second wave. According to others, there cannot be a second wave at all, as the first never passed. In the meantime, several hospitals are raising the alarm due to the influx of patients they have seen in recent weeks.

But when you step out the door, there is, frankly, little of this. Of course, masks are mandatory here and are worn en masse. Your temperature will be measured at the swimming pool and the shopping center and you may only enter without a fever or increase. Part of the population still works at home. But otherwise everything seems to be going as usual.

They have never heard of a maximum group size here

There are traffic jams again, restaurants are full. Even people who stayed indoors for months earlier this year for fear of the virus venture out more often. Families come together, birthdays are celebrated. They have never heard of a maximum group size here. And once inside, in the company of acquaintances, the mouth caps usually come off quickly.

The conversation is often about the possible second wave. But the real covid anxiety seems to be gone for many people. In particular, there is a fear of new measures. After all, it is difficult to give up your newly regained freedom.

If the mayor introduces new measures, he could lose as a result

But this does not seem to be the case for the time being. Because the mayor of São Paulo, Bruno Covas, denies that there is a second wave. Although according to critics that is mainly a political issue. The second round of the local elections will take place next Sunday, in which Covas has to compete against Guilherme Boulos. If the mayor admits at this point that there is a second wave and introduces new measures, he could well lose as a result, or so the thought.

Some, therefore, do expect new measures as soon as the election victory is in. But for now, the mayor has said that the number of infections and deaths is stable. There is therefore no question of further relaxation, but neither are stricter measures.

Brazilians are simply huge family people

If I look at the behavior of many people on the street and the increased laxity, an increase in the number of infections is in any case logically in line with expectations. Especially with the holidays just around the corner. Brazilians are huge family people and Christmas is the most important holiday of the year.

The question may therefore be mainly what comes earlier: a new peak or a vaccine. The first shipment of corona vaccines from China arrived here last week. We just have to wait for permission from the Brazilian authorities to actually use them.


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