Second ‘Constantine’ is now really coming


Obviously, Keanu Reeves drew most of the attention in the comic book adaptation Constantine, but he was by no means the only standout actor. For example, we saw Rachel Weisz as the human police officer, Shia LaBeouf as the side kick, Tilda Swinton as the archangel Gabriel and Peter Stormare as Lucifer Morningstar. The latest actor now has good news.

Stormare posted an image from a magazine or website on his Instagram, with the text “In Constantine, Peter Stormare played one of the best versions of Satan in film history.” And maybe it is.

Two Constantine in the making!
With the picture Stormare reported that the second film is in the making. “Sequel in the making,” is there to read. For a while, there have been rumors that the film is in the works. It may have a link with the series Justice League Dark made by JJ Abrams for HBO Max.


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