Saturday night: Arabs threw stones at worshipers and were arrested


Worshipers at the Shimon Hatzadik tomb complex in Jerusalem were attacked with stones by several Arab rioters on Saturday night | Police were able to locate the suspects and their detention was extended

Police arrested two minority residents of East Jerusalem on Saturday night after throwing stones at a group of ultra-Orthodox who were praying at the tomb of Shimon the Righteous. One of the worshipers was injured and needed medical attention. The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court today extended the detention of the suspects.

The police confirmed the details and said that Israeli police forces were called to the Shimon Hatzadik compound in Jerusalem on Saturday night, after an attack was reported on a number of young people who were at the scene, stones were thrown at them, one of which even injured the young man and injured him.

In a quick interrogation conducted by the police in the field, they managed to locate 2 suspects in the act, aged 19 and 22, residents of East Jerusalem and arrested them for questioning. The suspects’ detention was extended until 9.11.20.


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