Sarah Netanyahu: Will the state fund household expenses on Burglars Street?


Will the State of Israel pay for the expenses of another house of the Netanyahu family? This morning (Thursday), News 13’s legal commentator on Nissim Mashaal and Guy Peleg’s program was interviewed on 103FM and told more details about his revelation that the prime minister’s wife, Sarah Netanyahu, asked the state to pay for house expenses on Burglars Street, after she moved to work during the Corona period. “What does she care to ask for? She tries to stretch the rope more and more, this time too she asks, and this time she is told no,” the commentator claimed.

Mashaal: “Yesterday you revealed another attempt by the Netanyahu family to roll over private expenses, this time from their house on Burglars Street in Jerusalem, it is not far from Balfour, what happened there?”.

Glickman: “Recently, the prime minister’s wife, Sarah Netanyahu, moved to work at home on Burglars Street.”

The video published by Sarah Netanyahu. Photo: Social networks

Mashaal: “Why? Balfour is not good?”.

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Glickman: “Apparently not. She claims that because of the corona, her husband does a lot of meetings in Balfour, so she can’t work quietly at home, so she moves into the private house.”

Peleg: “So far it is her right, she has a private home, her right to work there.”

Mashaal: “As a psychologist, that is, she works as a psychologist and it is difficult for her to work in Balfour.”

Glickman: “As a psychologist in zooms and the like, exactly. Then two things happen, as soon as she moves into this house on Burglars Street, immediately automatically, the Defense Department in the Prime Minister’s Office argues that a boutique for security guards should be set up. “Of course, NIS 70,000-60,000. In addition, she is trying to find out whether the fact that she is moving to a private home means that the state may also have to pay.”

Sarah Netanyahu (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)

Mashaal: “On household expenses, I understand.”

Glickman: “On expenses. I’m talking, about telephone, water, electricity.”

Mashaal: “Why not? If they gave in Caesarea and everything she asks for, they give, then why not move on? In fact, I find a connecting thread in her logic.”

Peleg: “No, Nissim, not everything she asks for, give. On the contrary, against this background you have heard from time to time”

Mashaal: “In Caesarea? In Caesarea they gave almost everything.”

Peleg: “But against the background that in some cases they said no, there were very difficult confrontations with a long line of workers there, she is constantly asking.”

Glickman: “What does she care to try to ask? As Sagi says, she tries to stretch the rope more and more, this time too she asks, and this time she is told no.”

Mashaal: “It’s temporary.”

Glickman: “The question really is, what will she do now, if she really does not continue to exert pressure, because it is part of the method we already know, or really once she was told no, then no. They claim, by the way in response, that everything will be by the Netanyahu family “And nothing will be by the public.”

Peleg: “Aviad, you have often dealt with the issue of rolling over the Netanyahu family’s private expenses on the public coffers, and we remember, among other things, Netanyahu’s demand, right at the outbreak of the corona crisis, to retroactively receive tax refunds in the amount of NIS 1 million. “He withdrew this request of his. Where does it stand now?”

Mashaal: “He said it was not the right time.”

Peleg: “Yes, duration by the hour.”

Glickman: “They are still trying to make it happen. I mean, in the rooms, he is trying to get the entire amount retroactively. I guess in the coming weeks, months, it will be heard again in the Finance Committee, to get the refunds he claims he deserves.”

Mashaal: “I read yesterday that they were also confirmed two facts in a special class, for a special fee, that they would help at home”.

Glickman: “True, this is Tal Shalev’s publication from Walla. Someone like Guy knows about the facts in Balfour who complained to the Moriah company about the prime minister’s wife, and because of that all sorts of things came out, That is not enough, and we need a special contract that will cost the country more money. “

Peleg: “Aviad, make me a moment of order, because I have already been lost for a moment. There is the prime minister’s residence in Balfour, right? And there is the private house in Caesarea, and I think there is also a house on Gaza Street and a house on Burglars Street, the state operates all four houses or Did I forget something? “

Glickman: “No, to the best of my knowledge, these are the houses that are there. And yes, you know, on security issues at least it’s both here and here. On Gaza Street, to the best of my knowledge, they barely get to a house there.”

The Netanyahu family home in Caesarea (Photo: Alex Rozkowski, archive)The Netanyahu family home in Caesarea (Photo: Alex Rozkowski, archive)

Peleg: “They are cultivating the property, they need to water, they need to paint the gate, the state is paying? We need to.”

Mashaal: “Listen, we need to learn from this woman. Step by step she achieves what she wants, and I say this from a positive angle. The determination, the strong desire to take from the country. In the end, she succeeds in everything.”

Peleg: “Look, the question is whether anyone will set boundaries for her.”

Mashaal: “There is no such thing. No one has yet been born who sets boundaries for her.”

Peleg: “Second, the hand may have to be hardened. A court has convicted her of committing a criminal offense, and it shows that at least some of the gatekeepers are functioning in some way, and not saying anything to her, ‘Yes ma’am’.

Glickman: “Even though you’re talking about functionaries – we’re again in recent weeks witnessing more harsh allegations by Caesarea workers claiming they are forced to work on Saturday, and you know, I guess if it was somewhere else, then there was a matter here that might be criminal, and here, right now , is nothing”.


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