‘Sanquin relaxes rules for gay donation of plasma’ | Inland


It is not yet clear when plasma can be donated, says a Sanquin spokesperson. On Monday, a meeting is scheduled on the subject with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and gay interest organization COC and patient associations. According to the spokesperson, it will be clear in a month or two when this change can take effect.

The postponement rules for blood donation and the fact that homosexuals cannot donate plasma provoked outrage among many. The interest group COC also finds the four months delay in donating blood not justified. Earlier, the organization said that as far as COC is concerned, blood donation should be about whether you have safe sex, not about who you have sex with.


According to the Sanquin spokesperson, plasma donation by men who have sex with men is “on the move in the field.” International policy is being relaxed, since the 1980s (AIDS era) the virus-inactivating steps in the production process of plasma medicines have been greatly improved.

There was strong resistance from the patient corner. But because there are now alternative medicines that are not based on plasma, they are also decreasing, he says.


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