Samsung gives their vision of future screens


The development around screens for smartphones is in full swing. Experiments are now being carried out on various fronts with different variants. Samsung has now extensively explained their various ideas on a blog. For the first time, it becomes clear how the manufacturer sees the future of the foldable or rollable smartphone.

Tri-fold display

In the image above, a smartphone is shown with a tri-fold display. It is a possible new option for the next generation Galaxy Fold. With this new design, the Fold would no longer require an external display, as it can be folded to a third of its unfolded surface and only use the top portion of the display. The small logo at the bottom of the sketch reads “Samsung OLED”.

Samsung retractable screen

It was already clear that Samsung is experimenting and thinking about a roll-up screen. The concept is not completely new, but nevertheless no less interesting.

This concept of a retractable screen that can be tucked into a small footprint can be very appealing, but the only obvious limitation seems to be that such a delicate screen may only be usable on a desktop. The appeal here is more the ‘portability’ than the ‘mobility’ of such a product.

Future or reality

Both forms of folding or rolling up seem to be a distant future. However, we must recognize that the concept of the tri-fold display may be closer than we initially think. However, the roll-up screen still seems to be a distant future. The concept is nice, but especially the vulnerability of the screen seems to be a major problem.

However, the concepts do indicate that Samsung may be able to bring such products to the market. After all, it is the first time that a manufacturer has come out with such a message. The question now is what the manufacturer will focus on in the coming period. We are still betting that the tri-fold display currently has the best chance of the two options.


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