Sallich instead of Joshua, BS with the defensive vehicle


Abacus, Super Defensive Composition (Alan Schieber) | Photo: Sports 5

In the shadow of the Joshua affair and the chance that he will be cut immediately following a pattern of bad behavior and conduct, Hapoel Beer Sheva will go up tonight (Thursday) for a game in Germany against Leverkusen in the home stage of the Europa League, with a loss likely to close the next stage.

“Everyone bets just how much we’ll be kidnapped, it gives us motivation to prove otherwise,” said team players. But they too understand that the task is particularly difficult and they will have to provide a big day plus a less good day for Leverkusen to come back with a result that will be talked about all over Europe.

Coach Yossi Aboksis has proven more than once that in one game, against a much better opponent, he knows how to put together a team that can deliver the goods. The problem is that apart from Joshua, Miguel Vitor, Elton Acultasa and Ramsey Spori will also be absent. “It’s a game of heart, soul, sacrifice. Because in football we fall from them in every position,” the club said.

Aboksis talked about responsibility, tactical discipline and going out for bursts and gambled on Itamar Shabiro on the edge to take advantage of his speed. Santiago Sallich, who was not meant to open, will replace the troubled Portuguese star. The set of three brakes will continue and the lineup will be very defensive. Marcelo Mali will open for the first time in the squad in Europe, with David Keltins also getting a chance. Louis Taha, who is celebrating a birthday, will wear the captain’s ribbon.

Estimated composition: Levita fan; Or Dadia, Louis Taha, Mariano Briero, Marohan Kabha, Sean Goldberg; Marcelo Mali, David Keltins, Tomer Yosefi, Cynthiao Sollich; Itamar Shabiru.


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