Rutte and De Jonge will give another corona press conference tonight


The number of new infections has decreased again in the past day. The number of patients in hospitals remains stable. In any case, even stricter corona measures apply until Wednesday. Follow the latest news about the corona virus in the Netherlands here.

– Number of new confirmed corona infections on Monday: 4.873, there are 576 less than on Sunday
– Number of corona patients in hospital on Monday: 2.130, there are 36 more than on Sundays
– Number of corona patients in intensive care on Monday: 573, there are 12 less than on Sunday
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Update 06:00 – Rutte and De Jonge again give a corona press conference

Major new corona measures are not expected, but Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge will give another corona press conference on Tuesday evening. It is possible that the ministers will make an advance on the holidays in December.

Incidentally, Rutte said earlier that he could not say anything substantive about this, except about how the decision-making will be about this. Rutte also indicated earlier that he saw nothing in an alcohol ban during the turn of the year, besides a fireworks ban. A hospital had suggested this, because every year several hundred people also end up in the emergency room because of alcohol poisoning. “It would also help if we all stay in the chair at home on New Year’s Eve. No, we will not do it, you have to make choices ”, said Rutte.

It is clear that theaters, cinemas, swimming pools and libraries may reopen on Thursday. The extra measures that were previously imposed for two weeks will expire on Wednesday evening at 11:59 pm.

The press conference is expected to start around 7 p.m.

Update 03:30 – Number of new corona cases slightly lower than last week

The number of new corona cases continues to decline, but the decline is not as fast as last week. Probably 35,000 to 40,000 positive tests have been recorded in the past seven days. There were 43,621 reports of positive corona tests last week and 64,087 reports the week before.

The exact figure comes on Tuesday from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). In the six days since the last update, the institute registered more than 33,000 positive tests and 393 deaths.

The RIVM also reports on Tuesday how many deaths and hospital admissions were noted in the past week. Last week, the RIVM reported 565 deaths, 1,520 admissions to hospital wards and 275 in intensive care units.

The RIVM also reports whether the so-called reproduction number has changed. That number indicates how quickly the virus is spreading. Last week, the number dropped below 1 for the first time in months, meaning the outbreak could slowly fade.

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