Rotterdam and Eindhoven close shops earlier, cities busy with tempering the desire to buy


According to FNV, it was also clear that shops did their best to prevent large crowds, for example with extra security and by closing the doors temporarily when it became too busy. “But what just went wrong in essence is that the large retail chains have called for crowds too much.” It was precisely to prevent this that FNV called earlier this month for the cancellation of Black Friday.

“Anyone who has ever listened to the radio, watched TV or watched social media has seen that there is simply an insane amount of advertising for Black Friday,” Vermeulen said. “The big retail chains have knowingly just created this hustle and bustle.”

‘Don’t blame entrepreneurs

Trade association InRetail understands the union’s reaction to the busyness in the cities. “But the Netherlands is larger than the cities of The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. If we look from Veendam to Oostkapelle, the impression is that things went relatively well”, spokesman Paul te Grotenhuis responds.

“35 percent of the entrepreneurs who did something about Black Friday last year, do not do so this year. And half of the entrepreneurs who do something about Black Friday, consciously opt for spreading”, says Te Grotenhuis, based on a poll of InRetail members. For example, according to the agreements, there may now only be one customer per ten square meters and there is a lot of extra security.


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