“Roberto Firmino worries”: Will Diego Jote take his place? – sport 5


Said she was not impressive and does not mention the formidable team that was last season? So they said. Liverpool provided a tremendous display in the third round of the Champions League home stage and crushed Atlanta 0: 5 (the surprise of the factory last season, to remind you) on the way to a perfect balance in the first round. Right now, no one in the house seems to be able to stop her.

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  • Of course the main person in charge of this display is Diego Jote, who scored a formidable hat-trick and raised his tally to seven goals in his first eight games in the ranks of the English champions and the kingdom are already glorifying. “He’s just amazing and the front trio along with him look so flowing,” praised Hardes’ former nemesis, Rio Ferdinand. “His movement at the second gate was amazing. He’s so sharp. Wow.”

    On the part of Roberto Firmino in the success of Liverpool is undisputed, but he has not started the current season well and now there are voices regarding his bench in favor of Jote. One who scored a goal or two in the red uniform, Peter Crouch, claimed: “Instead of Firmino I was worried. Jota feels at home in the front three with Muhammad Salah and Sadio Mane, he seems to have been at Liverpool for years.”

    If you ask the Jürgen KloppIt seems that Firmino does not have much to worry about. “Without Bobby (Firmino’s nickname) we would not even be in the Champions League and it is important that we have more than 11 players. Diego provided a huge game, but that does not say anything about Bobby or the headaches I got.”

    And what did the hero of victory have to say? “I play for the best team in my career so far,” he said miniature Excited and also talked about the team at the front: “Mana and Salah are players from the world top and we had a good game together. Conquering a five does not happen often and the fact that we kept a good clean net is also.”


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