Rioter Virus madness dumped after phone call to police: ‘Then the bomb exploded at home’ | Inland


Follow the case via the messages from court reporter Saskia Belleman at the bottom of this article.

Thirteen suspects are on trial before the police judge in The Hague on Wednesday and Thursday morning. The first suspect is Pole Gregor K. He kicked a riot police officer. The man was in custody for 14 days. His employer has already deducted those days from his vacation, as it turned out during the hearing.

Other suspects received lesser sentences, such as 120 hours of service for Jurgen R. who threw a bottle at officers and 180 hours for Leon den H. who led the way when violence was used. “I had a stone in my hand. Didn’t want to do anything with it until that woman was shot over. ”

‘Neat family man’

“I’m just a decent family man. I just let myself be carried away by Virus madness and thought that my freedoms were limited ”, Sven P. responds, who overheard him demanding a community service of 130 hours. Among other things, he would have destroyed a police car. If he’s done damage, he insists on making amends. “But I only shook that car for 3 seconds.”

The man says he regrets his action. “It also cost me my relationship,” says Sven P. His girlfriend received a call from the police when the couple had just been on vacation for a day. “Then the bomb exploded at home too.”

Because Sven P. freely admits his guilt and apologizes, the Public Prosecutor sees no reason to demand a suspended sentence on top of that.


After a brief demonstration against the cabinet’s corona measures, clashes with the Mobile Unit came between Malieveld and The Hague Central Station. According to the police, rioters used considerable violence.

During the riots, a total of 425 people were arrested and often sent away with a fine. Twelve people were immediately arrested for open violence. In July, the police showed photos of other suspects on the website and in the television program Opsporing Verzocht, which led to more arrests. The action group, known from frontman Willem Engel, was called Virus Madness at the time and now ‘Virus Truth’.


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