Riddles around powder letters: ‘Suspected form of pesticide’ | Inland


A spokeswoman for the Rotterdam Hospital says that the letter arrived in the mailroom on Tuesday via the usual route. It is not entirely certain whether it was actually delivered by the postman, but it did end up in the hands of one of the employees. When he opened the envelope, it turned out that it contained a powdery substance. “The fire brigade determined during an initial assessment that it was probably a form of pesticide.”

The mail room and the corridor to it were closed, police, fire brigade and GGD called. They investigated and took the letter with them. The employees were unharmed and have no complaints. “We have never experienced anything like this. Fortunately, there has never been any question of concern being at stake, ”said the spokeswoman. She doesn’t know what envelopes they were. Let alone whether there was anything else in it, such as a note.

All in all, at least ten powder letters fell on the mat on Tuesday, spread across the country. These included a DPG Media printing company in Best, the publisher of the Nederlands Dagblad in Amersfoort, a second company in Rotterdam and two hotels and at least three offices in Amsterdam. One of the offices houses the editors of DPG newspapers Trouw, de Volkskrant and Het Parool. A powder letter also arrived at the head office of Mediahuis Nederland, the publisher of De Telegraaf, among others.

‘No harmful amount’

The police in East Brabant let it be known that the powder in the letter in Best ‘is not harmful to humans in the quantity found’. The police in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam cannot say anything about the powder or the characteristics of the envelopes. It is striking that the second letter that was delivered to a building at Delftseplein in Rotterdam has not been opened. “There they had heard about the earlier incident,” said a spokeswoman, who could not indicate how the letter was recognizable on the outside.

In Amsterdam, at least four of the six envelopes were opened, after which the employees involved had to be isolated until the signal was given safely. Nobody was hurt.


The case is reminiscent of a mysterious series of bomb letters that were delivered to various addresses in the Netherlands at the beginning of this year. At that time, hotels, banks, petrol stations, a broker and a car dealer were the targets. The explosives sent went off in Amsterdam and Kerkrade. The maker demanded about a million euros in bitcoins, but stopped as suddenly as he started. There were also copycats active.

The police in Amsterdam let it be known that they do not speculate about a possible connection with the bomb letters.


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