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Is there a fun game behind the light?

With Beyond Light, Bungie continues the story of the Guardians. After this review you will no longer be in the dark, because we extensively shine our light on the brand new expansion (and the associated major update).

Destiny 2 became playable for free in September 2019. It was a bit sour for those who had bought the game, but for those who wanted to try it out it came as good news of course. Until today, the game is still strongly supported by the developers, as the release of Beyond Light. In the meantime, Bungie has already scheduled new content until 2022.

Darkness returns

In the new expansion you will learn more about what “The Darknesss” actually wants from the futuristic world in Destiny. Instead of playing war this mysterious force prefers to deal with it passively. By giving seductive powers to the creatures in Destiny, The Darkness can take them over. The Traveler is also completely round again. At the end of last season you could see how the Traveler started showing a sign of life again.

In de Tower

The story in Beyond Light is committed to gaining and mastering these powers to defeat a new threat to the universe.

With these powers it is possible to freeze enemies. This comes in handy in PVE, but the impact is also great in PVP. You will also notice that in the community. There, opinions are divided about these new forces in PVP. For example, Bungie has already released a large “grain” (with a grain something is intentionally made weaker) because these forces were just too strong.

Story time

Outside of Eramis, a number of other characters are put in the spotlight. Exo Stranger and Veraks tell part of their story. These are both characters from the original Destiny game. What these characters tell you may be different to you than what is told to one of your friends. This is because the game looks at which expansions you have bought.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light new UI
The destinations in the new expansion

Hints are dropped to stories behind Beyond Light. This way you will be encouraged to discover more about the lore that is present in Destiny. Before you know it you are reading stories at night about fictional creatures before you go to sleep.

In the safe!

“Vaulted” is a term you may already know if you are an avid POP collector or you may have heard it mentioned in other games. The term, vaulted, means that everything that is vaulted is no longer available, but can (sometimes) come back again. Bungie has vaulted a number of planets and the Leviathan raid since the expansion. Saying they will come back in a better and revised version.

Since these planets are gone, some quests are no longer available for certain Exotic weapons in the game. This means that you can now buy them in the Tower, of course at a certain cost.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Buying past weapons
You can buy “Vaulted” weapons now.

Less content is not necessarily bad. The loading time of the game is noticeably shorter than before, numerous bugs are no longer detectable and the UI looks better.

Sometimes there can also be too much to do / collect. Just look at the gigantic open world games that we are being thrown to pieces today. Some people already experience commitment anxiety that keeps them from getting into it because it’s just too much. In my opinion, there can never really be “too much” in a game, but in this case the scrapping of certain content does improve the technical performance of the game.

More power!

If you are familiar with Destiny or Destiny 2, then you know that Power Level is used. Each item of your equipment has a certain Power Level. These values ​​add up to an average and this is how your “strength” is determined. Every season the limit of this level goes up a bit, but every season there is also some equipment that does not grow.

The term “Sunset” is used here. You can still use any weapon, but many can have a maximum power of 1060. Which is nothing more compared to the maximum power level of 1260.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use them anymore. In PVE it will not be as useful as there the focus is strongly on Light Level. Trials of Osiris in Iron Banner make use of this too. It can still be used for other Crucible game modes.

Gambit consisted of two different game modes. Prime and the “normal” Gambit. These have now been merged into one Ultimate Gambit! But without the “Ultimate”.
Gambit now consists of one round along with the Prime portion.

A new force

Destiny 2 Beyond Light new power darkness
Me trying to get my newfound power under control

Earlier I mentioned the new power that you can get in the expansion. This one is a Dark based subclass. The special thing about this subclass compared to the others is that you can fully customize it, such as boosting your statistics.


Along with a ton of new weapons, a new planet, a new subclass, and a new raid to completely master with your clan mates, Destiny 2: Beyond Light brings a lot of new content to the game. But compared to what’s new and what’s been scrapped, the balance isn’t that positive. Of course this is just the start of a new beginning and a lot of new content is waiting for us. But when you have finished the new planet and have finally completed the raid, you have to wait for new content.

The future

In the future, Bungie plans to add even more subclasses that go hand-in-hand with The Darkness. At the moment we have three Light classes (Arc, Void and Solar). So it would make sense to create three Dark classes. With the next expansions to come, there could be new ones.

Future expansions for Destiny 2

Witch Queen in Light Fall have already been announced. It has been speculated that the new dark based subclass would use toxic powers, but that remains to be seen.


Destiny still remains Destiny. Bungie does its best to keep the game as interesting as possible. This by removing a lot of things and introducing new content. Only this time a lot has been deleted compared to what has been added.

Without Beyond Light you can still do something, but less than last month since you still had a number of planets extra. This is just the beginning of Bungie’s new plan. If you really want to play Destiny 2 the way it is meant to be, you obviously need this content. The nice thing is that you can basically play a kind of “Demo” version, so you can see if it is something for you. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Pro With
Game runs better Much content deleted
New subclass Many weapons have become too weak to use
More story Story quests are not special
Feels like a fresh new beginning

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Will you buy the expansion? Or would you prefer to try the free-to-play aspect first? Let us know in the comments!

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