Reopen Leuven shopping streets with busy barometer


In addition, the city also wants to make as much space as possible. That is why Bondgenotenlaan, one of Leuven’s main shopping streets, will be made traffic-free on Saturdays and shopping Sundays. “We still want to allow those shopping Sundays, because then the people can be better distributed”, says Geleyns. “That’s why I’m happy that the stores can open on December 1, instead of mid-December as mentioned before. The next month will be a busy period, otherwise everyone should have made their bargains in just two weeks.” If it gets too busy, the Mechelsestraat, the narrowest shopping street in Leuven, may be turned into a one-way street.

If it gets too busy, it is possible that the police will close shopping streets, but ships Geleyns is quite reassured: “Due to the busy barometer and the shopping Sundays, we hope that people will do their shopping in a staggered manner, so that it never gets too busy in the city. . “


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