Red Flames: “Previous duels against Switzerland should not haunt us” | Red Flames


The Red Flames are preparing in Tubize for the crucial game against Switzerland. Tuesday must be better than during the match in Switzerland. The disappointment after the narrow defeat there was great.

“Our start was not good enough and when we took a goal, some panic crept into the team”, national coach Ives Serneels explains. “And fear is not a good counselor.”

“This time we have to be there immediately. We have to claim possession and then we are capable of a lot. The fact that we did not win against Switzerland the previous times should not cross our minds.”

“It was an important game and some players were troubled by nerves”, Justine Vanhaevermaet confirms. Could that play a role again on Tuesday? “We talked about it so it won’t happen on Tuesday.”

Three years ago, the Red Flames were there at the European Championship in the Netherlands, they missed the 2019 World Cup after a defeat in a decisive game against Switzerland. “Switzerland may be our fear giver, but we will try to deal with that on Tuesday”, Laura De Neve has the courage.

In a defeat against Switzerland, the Red Flames still have a double safety net. The 3 best seconds also go to the European Championship and the other seconds still play barrages.

“But then we are again dependent on the results in other groups, while we still have it in hand. We just have to win against Switzerland. There is no other scenario in our head,” says Serneels.

We hear the same sound from Anderlecht defender De Neve. “At the moment we are thinking of nothing more than the victory and group win.” Does Belgium not just belong at a European Championship with 16 countries? “Actually, we should indeed be there and we will do everything we can.”


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