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The number of corona infections continues to fluctuate. Strict measures are still in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

In this live blog you follow the most important news facts and other events about the corona crisis:

15:54 Mayor of Maastricht: ‘Not to be sustained like this’
Mayor Annemarie Penn is clear about why she gave ‘code red’ to the crowds in Maastricht: “We can’t keep this up like this. And we’re not even in December yet. So yes, I thought: it’s now or never. Make it clear what is possible and what is not possible here. ”

15:45 – Municipality of Roermond satisfied with the state of affairs
The municipality of Roermond is satisfied with the compliance of the corona measures by visitors in the Designer Outlet Center. The traffic in the brand village is less than yesterday, according to the municipality. The Designer Outlet has closed all entrances for some time this afternoon. This means that people are only allowed in if people also go out. Traffic also flows through: there are no traffic jams or bottlenecks in the parking spaces.

In the center of Roermond it is quiet to very quiet, according to a spokesperson. There are no queues or bottlenecks anywhere. There is also ample parking available and traffic continues smoothly.

3:12 PM – Queuing for the Designer Outlet
At the Designer Outlet in Roermond, it is Sunday afternoon to queue up to enter. Some people think it should be possible, others say it is too busy:

14:44 – 1110 infections added
In the past 24 hours, the number of new corona infections has increased by 1110. Between Saturday and Friday morning, 5609 positive tests were passed on to the RIVM. On Saturday there were 4499.

The daily numbers have been fluctuating all week. The RIVM points out that the weekly figures provide a better picture. The institute releases it every Tuesday. A downward trend emerges from this.

14:09 – Busy in Maastricht and Roermond
In Maastricht, the mayor has declared code red for the shopping area. This means that people are called on to stop coming to the city center. If they continue to come, Mayor Annemarie Penn can switch to closing the shops. Read more here.

It was also busy on Sunday in the Designer Outlet Roermond. Just like Saturday there were queues at the entrances. Mayor Rianne Donders has sufficient confidence in the measures taken, but also criticizes the cabinet for allowing the Black Friday bargain festivities to continue. Read more here.

The crowds in the shopping areas are not desirable because strict corona measures are still in place to stop the virus.

11:39 – Another party ended by police
On Friday evening, the police ended an illegal party in a room in Katwoude (North Holland), because the emergency ordinance was violated there.

92 people were partying in the great hall. They did not adhere to the corona rules. All those present have been sent home. They can face a fine, just like the organizers.

9:26 – Another illegal corona party rolled up by police
In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the police broke up a party with about seventy young people in Maasdijk. According to the police, the young people were “in no way” 5 feet apart.

The officers had come to a report of noise nuisance. The party in a business building in the South Holland village ended immediately and all those present received a ticket.

9:16 – Liège protesters surrounded by police
In Liège, hundreds of people took to the streets on Saturday evening to protest against a curfew that has been instituted due to the increasing number of corona infections. Some of the protesters were surrounded by police and identified one by one towards the end of the evening. According to the French-language newspaper L’Avenir, seven people were injured, including four police officers.

About 400 demonstrators gathered in the center of Liège. The authorities were up to a hundred men. At about 10.30 pm, the crowd dispersed, and some of them were surrounded on the Pont Saint-Léonard. An altercation with the police took place on the bridge and a number of protesters tried to break through the police cordon.

Agents then began to identify all those present on the bridge. The identity checks were quiet. The police have drawn up more than 400 police reports. About 70 people had to go to the office.

9:00 – Substantial decrease in German corona infections
The number of confirmed corona infections in Germany has increased by 14,611 in the past 24 hours, reports the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German RIVM. That is a significant decrease compared to the number of infections reported on Saturday: 21,695.

In the past twenty-four hours, 158 people died from Covid-19. That is more than half less than Saturday, when 379 new deaths were reported.


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