Rafael van der Vaart candid about family life with son in Denmark


Rafael is currently enjoying a quiet life in Denmark with his family, which was recently expanded with the arrival of son Damián. A big step for the 37-year-old athlete who, before settling in Esbjerg, Denmark, lived in large cities such as Madrid, Hamburg and Amsterdam. “I am not the hardest. I have been spoiled, but I am not into nagging. You just have to make the best of everything,” said the former footballer.

It was his girlfriend, Estavana Polman, for whom Rafael left for the city – as the handball player plays for the club Team Esbjerg. Rafael’s son now also has the opportunity in Esbjerg to make his sports dream come true and to follow in the footsteps of his father. Although Rafael is careful: “Anyone with a little quality can become a professional here nowadays. I see things that you were immediately replaced for in my time. Damián was a striker, but now more of a midfielder with good technique. A right foot, too, otherwise. than me.”

Although Rafael initially left for Denmark for love, he now feels completely at home as a family man in the quiet town. “I can just walk on the street here. Nobody recognizes me, except for a few Germans who are on vacation, maybe”, he says. “People are allowed to speak to me and touch me. I’ve always been like that. But it’s also nice not having to wear a hat and being able to go to the cinema with Estavana.” So for the time being he is perfectly fine in Denmark. Whether he will still be there in ten years? Rafael: “How long is up to Es. We will follow her for now.”

The fact that Damián now lives in Denmark with Rafael, Estavana and his sister Jazzlyn, feels double for Sylvie. “I can handle letting go well, but I find a second lockdown intense. That I am not allowed on vacation, who cares. But the fact that you cannot see your child, it will really hurt there “, she previously told RTL Boulevard. Watch the entire video below.


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