Radio celebrity Lutgart Simoens (92), the voice of “Questions is free”, has passed away


Lutgart Simoens came from West Flanders, but moved to Antwerp after her marriage. After working for BRT 2 (now Radio 2) in Kortrijk and Brussels for a while, she was transferred to Omroep Antwerpen. There she would be the most famous radio voice for forty years.

Her most famous program was the request program “Questions is Free”, which she presented for 23 years, but Simoens has made much more radio. At the start of her career, she got permission from her producer to present “Toppers for Teens”, the very first pop show on the BRT. Anglo-Saxon pop and rock music had its glory days, but was still little discussed on the public broadcaster. Lutgart Simoens interviewed all the big names of the 50s and 60s, from Fats Domino to Cliff Richards, from Roy Orbison to Mick Jagger.


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