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הרב יצחק שילת

Rabbi Yitzchak Shilat

Photo: Jonathan Zindel, Flash 90

An article published today (Tuesday) on Channel 7 stated that in response to the rabbis’ letter from Religious Zionism, which reads “not to recognize reforms at all,” the Tzohar rabbinical organization states: “It is permissible to argue … it is forbidden to threaten, it is forbidden to despise, it is forbidden to despise.”

Indeed, one must not threaten, one must not shun, one must not despise. In the “Rabbinical Letter” there is no threat, no excommunication and no contempt, neither for a particular wise student nor for any other person, there is neither a boycott nor a suit and a cursed one, but there is a firm statement here, recognizing the reform movement in the context of “rabbinic discourse”. Even if it is full of good intentions, it does not have the unification of the tribes of Israel, but it does give legitimacy to raising a hand in the Torah of Moses.

For the reform movement is not a sports club. It is a religious ideology, and as such, it is no longer a current in Judaism, but a current against Judaism. Rabbis Rifimim hold weddings between Jews and Gentiles together with a priest, hold “weddings” between members of the same sex as an act of the land of Egypt, hold parties where they eat carnivores that are scaly and creepy, etc., etc. Is this a current in Judaism?

A Jew can not keep the commandments, and also commit many transgressions, and still, Israel according to which the sin of Israel is. And in our generations, in which many who grew up without any Jewish education also multiplied, a commandment to love and bring them closer to the Torah, as ruled not only by Rabbi Kook But with bearers of a religious flag on whose banner the displacement of the Torah and heresy in its eternity are engraved – there is no place for a “common rabbinical discourse”, and they should not be given any place in the religious institutions of the state.

This is what is written in the “Letter of the Rabbis” that I also signed, it is nothing more. Unfortunately, I see time and time again how things get distorted in the media, and become, with the help of reporters and commentators of all kinds, Boca and Bulka, and the truth is absent.


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