President Iran: ‘mercenary’ Israel committed attack on US | Abroad


Rohani announced that the murder will be avenged. He said Israel is trying to create chaos, but is failing.

Fakhrizadeh was an important figure in research institutes of the Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Ministry of Defense. According to US and Israeli leaders, he was a key figure in Iran’s nuclear research. Israel and the US have long accused Iran of wanting to make a nuclear bomb. Iran says it does not want nuclear weapons, but it does want nuclear energy. According to Rohani, the murder has no impact on scientific research in Iran.

The New York Times reported that some US officials have confirmed that Israel is behind the assassination attempt. The murder comes two months before Democrat Joe Biden becomes president of the US. He has said he wants to seek a solution of conflicts with Iran through diplomacy.

President Trump has repeatedly sought confrontation with, among other things, new sanctions. In 2018, he pulled his country out of an international agreement that allowed Iran and a range of powers to reach an agreement on Iran’s nuclear projects. The Iranian economy had to get going again due to international isolation.


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