‘Post-votes seem to be in violation of the constitution’ – De Daily Standaard


If you read the Dutch media, you undoubtedly believe that Team Donald Trump has no chance of success in the many processes they have started in the most important swing states. It would all be one big joke, panic football, they can’t even hope for success.

People who closely follow the developments themselves, and who do not completely surrender themselves to the left mainstream media, know that things are different. It would appear that she does have good marks to Team Trump – and even has evidence of irregularities.

A judge in Pennsylvania now agrees – in a very important decision. This judge has now decided that Team Trump seems to have a good thing that the post-voting procedure violates the state constitution. It was the second consecutive judge in Pennsylvania to reach this conclusion.

The consequence? Pennsyvlania cannot and may not continue to make the results official and take any follow-up steps for the time being. They should stop doing that now until the judge has ruled on the whole case … and has drawn conclusions from it.

What those conclusions could be? That differs. The judge himself seems reluctant to go into it very hard with the result that the result is reversed, but no one can know for sure what the judge will ultimately decide. However, the court now says that it seems that Team Trump’s legal argument – that the procedures are unconstitutional – appears to be very strong.

This is not over yet. Maybe Joe Biden will be America’s next president, yes, but the battle is far from over. Because in addition to this case, there are a lot of cases about voting fraud. If Team Trump draws the longest there too – even if only one pair business – then Trump still has a chance to go on for four more years.

In other words, don’t believe the hype. This is not over yet.

Incidentally, there are of course also things that Team Trump appears to be losing. Again, the last word has not yet been said. It will almost certainly all go to the highest judges in the affected states and then even to the national Supreme Court (SCOTUS).

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