“Positive results” for the trial of Erectus’ corona vaccine; Israel in negotiations for its acquisition


A potential corona vaccine developed together with scientists from Singapore recorded positive initial results in the trial and may be available as early as 2021, according to the American biopharmaceutical company Arcturus Therapeutics, which is developing the vaccine together with scientists from Duke-NUS School of Medicine in Singapore. According to a report on CNBC, Israel is in negotiations to purchase the vaccine.

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“One of the unique benefits of this vaccine is that it is given in a low dose, which is estimated to be 7.5 micrograms – a much smaller dose than the other potential vaccines,” said Joseph Payne, president and CEO of the company, in an interview with CNBC two weeks ago. Because of this it will be possible to produce more dishes, and this will help save time and money.

Arcturus’ experiment Photo: Reuters

According to a statement released by the company, the vaccine may already be available in early 2021.

Arcturus’ vaccine uses mRNA technology – a new approach to developing vaccines that is supposed to elicit a response in the immune system to fight the virus. This approach is also used by the leading candidates for vaccine development – Pfizer and Moderna.

The Arcturus vaccine is available as a single dose or in several doses, while Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses. “We believe the vaccine we are developing can make an important contribution to the global takeover of the corona,” added Steve Hughes, the company’s chief development officer. “In the coming weeks we estimate that we will complete the discussions with the regulators and we are working out of urgency to promote the vaccine to the advanced stages of the trial.”

The company received approval to conduct a human experiment last July. The experiment involved 106 people aged 21-80. As of November 9, 78 of the participants had received at least one injection, and the remaining 28 participants had received a placebo. According to the company announcement, no serious side effects have been documented so far in the trial. Of the 78 participants who received the vaccine, 77 showed positive results, so the trial is expected to begin soon in the third phase.

The Singapore Economic Development Council (EDB) has pledged $ 220 million in vaccine development. This investment also includes $ 45 million for the production process and $ 175 million for pre-ordering vaccine doses.

According to a report on CNBC, other countries are in talks with the company, including Israel – on a purchase agreement of up to $ 275 million. Deliveries are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2021. Israel has already signed agreements to purchase the vaccines of Moderna and Pfizer, as well as of Astraznica. The agreement with Astraznika is for about 10 million units.

“Our production horizon looks very promising, we are in excellent shape,” Payne added, “I certainly encourage other companies involved in the mRNA method as well. I want them to succeed, which will not only help but also advance science with this advanced vaccine technology.”


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