Police in action against young people who set off illegal fireworks in Urk and Arnhem


The police have taken action in several places in the country against young people who caused unrest with fireworks. On Urk, dozens of young people set off illegal fireworks and started fires, a police spokeswoman confirms. A grim atmosphere arose in Arnhem during a fireworks protest, according to those present.

The disturbances in Urk started around 9 pm. The police are assisted by units from surrounding municipalities. As far as is known, no arrests have been made yet.

Restless for several days

The police are present with many people in the Geitenkamp district of Arnhem. It would have been restless there for several days in the evenings and a lot of illegal fireworks are set off.

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On Friday evening, a 27-year-old man from Arnhem was arrested on suspicion of disturbance of public order and incitement. “More arrests are not ruled out. The police will also remain alert to the situation in the neighborhood in the coming period, ”said the police earlier.

On Saturday evening, four people would have been arrested, but the police spokesperson cannot confirm that yet. According to those present, the atmosphere would be very grim. Dozens of times illegal fireworks have been thrown on the street.

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Image: SPS Media


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