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Poland and Hungary do not bow to pressure from the rest of the European Union in the conflict over financial aid and the observance of democratic rules. Linking subsidies to the rule of law is a bad solution with the risk that the union will disintegrate in the future, Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki said on a visit to his Hungarian ally Orbán.

The two heads of government call the current proposals from Brussels unacceptable. They defended their veto against the European multi-year budget and the special corona aid fund of € 750 billion, because it involves compliance with the rule of law.

Hungary and Poland see this as interference in internal affairs. They are under fire for implementing reforms in their country that go against the norms and values ​​of the union. For example, they influence the independence of the judiciary, the media and science.

The other EU countries, the European Commission and the European Parliament are urging Budapest and Warsaw to give up their resistance. Companies and citizens are desperate for support to get through the corona crisis, they stress. Hungary and Poland would like to approve the budget and the recovery fund “quickly”, they say. Provided that the strict rule of law rules are detached from it and are kept for a possible amendment to the EU treaty, “as it should”.

However, the package, including the link with the rule of law, is no longer negotiable, a number of other EU countries and the European Parliament have already warned. The Netherlands called the proposed rule of law rules “really the lower limit”.

Orbán and Morawiecki continue to march together and keep the ranks closed, they exorcise. “Neither Poland nor Hungary will accept a proposal that the other finds unacceptable”. Their third ally Slovenia did not come on Thursday and has not turned his support into a veto.

If the argument continues, it will have to be resolved at the annual December summit of European leaders in two weeks.


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