PlayStation 5 bug: Players cannot download games!


The PlayStation 5 community is plagued by a bug where the console cannot download games. Once bugged, games are lost in download limbo.

The PlayStation 5 is already in stores in some countries and fans will no doubt be lucky. How sour is it then when you can finally try out the next-gen console but the PlayStation 5 can’t download games? A bug is currently causing games to hang while downloading.

PlayStation 5 games downloaden bug

Gamers complain on Reddit, among other things, about a very nasty bug where it is impossible to download games for the PlayStation 5. Polygon and our own Ruben also experience the ‘queued for download’ error.

If you want to download a game for the PlayStation 5, the game in question is put in the queue. For most users this works well, but for some the game gets stuck in the queue. Nothing happens then; the game is in limbo. Users cannot download the game again. Other users write that they get an error message, after which the game is again in limbo.

Backwards compatibility

There is still much speculation about the cause of the bug. According to the linked medium, the error could occur when you try to download a PlayStation 5 game that has no place for it. Well, because the console already has limited storage space, that often happens of course.

Another explanation would be backwards compatibility. Games released on PS4 optimized for PlayStation 5 would be causing the download issue.

Many media report that they encounter the problem when downloading the (anti-social large) Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. But it probably isn’t the fault of Activision’s latest shooter, because other PlayStation games could also end up in download limbo.

For the time being there is no official response from Sony, so you have to wait for a patch or update.


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