Pigs from overturned truck move into Bossche district: ‘My children loved it’


It was a remarkable sight on the Ninth Reit in Den Bosch, Wednesday afternoon. In the normally quiet street, dozens of pigs walked through gardens and foraged on driveways. The 180 animals were transported in a truck that tipped over on the nearby Bruistensingel in the afternoon. About an hour after the accident, around 2:30, all pigs had been caught again.

Dozens of animals escaped from the overturned truck. Some pigs were in bad shape, but the pigs who could walk freely decided to visit the gardens of nearby houses. This is also the case with Corné Hijwegen, who lives on the Negende Reit.

“I heard a huge bang, well, that turned out to be the accident. The pigs that were released then walked through my garden for at least ten minutes. I was shocked, but my two children loved seeing the animals up close. It amazed me how sweet those animals are. They were screaming enormously. ”

27-year-old Simone Ros came to have a look after a message from her mother, who lives in the neighborhood. “I got into the car specially. My mother lives nearby and gave us a tip. I brought dog food with me and they were very grateful for that. I was able to cuddle very well. It was very fun! I love all animals! ”

The pigs also walked through the front yard of 61-year-old Mirjam Bais. “They are enormous animals. It was chaos. At least ten, maybe twelve pigs gather on the slope for this. ” Fortunately, according to Bais, the animals are very friendly. “They just went straight into the sand with their noses and plowed everything over. It is sad that the children ran and screamed from the neighborhood. They already have so much stress. “


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