Pigs escape from overturned truck and wander through residential area


The truck with 180 pigs tipped over for unknown reasons in a bend at a busy intersection. Some animals ended up under the trailer and were in bad shape, but others had no scratches and ran away. They caused chaos at the intersection and then walked into a nearby residential area.

“I heard a huge bang. Well, that turned out to be the accident”, a local resident told Omroep Brabant. “The pigs that were released then walked through my garden for at least ten minutes. I was shocked, but my two children loved seeing the animals up close. I was amazed at how sweet those animals are. They did scream enormously.”

According to another neighborhood resident it was chaos. “They are huge animals. At least ten, maybe twelve pigs gather on the slope in front of this. They immediately went into the sand with their noses and plowed everything over. It is sad that the children ran and screamed from the neighborhood. so much stress. “


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