Pfizer updates the results of the experiment: 95% efficacy in the corona vaccine


Pfizer and Biontech announced today that they have the full results of their Phase III trial of the Corona vaccine (Covid-19) and that these indicate efficiencies of over 95%. About a week ago the companies reported that the interim results indicated an efficiency of 90%, on Tuesday Modern reported interim results with an efficiency of 94.5% and now the vaccine of Pfizer and Biontech compares and above with the full results.

As of the reporting date, 170 of the nearly 44,000 volunteers vaccinated in the trial had fallen ill in Corona. Of these, 162 were in the control group. Only 8 were in the experimental group. A similar distribution was maintained even looking at just a few thousand volunteers over the age of 65. 10 of the patients had a serious illness. Of these, only one was among the vaccine recipients, and the rest were in the control group. The most common symptoms were fatigue in 3.7% of patients and headache in 2% of patients. Interestingly, older vaccinators have reported less severe side effects.

At the same time, Pfizer announced that it has the necessary safety information to apply for emergency approval for its vaccine against Corona (Covid-19) and that it is preparing to submit the product to the authorities in the coming days. “In my opinion, our questions about safety were answered. We met the safety goals,” said company CEO Albert Burla.

According to CNN, the FDA will convene its Committee of Experts on Vaccines on December 8-10, after which it will probably already be possible to decide whether to grant emergency approval for both vaccines. In view of the much-reported efficacy of both vaccines, and the fact that no serious safety issues have been reported so far (but only tolerable and transient side effects in some vaccinators in the two days after vaccination), emergency approvals are likely to be given. The decision may be made at the end of the meeting. If approved, the vaccine may be given in the United States as early as December, and Israel may receive a small amount of doses as early as January.


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