Peru’s interim president will resign within a week


Interim President Manuel Merino announces his resignation.Image AP

This happened after a night of protests against the new head of state, in which at least two people were killed and dozens of people were injured. Congress threatened impeachment if Merino didn’t leave on its own.

Merino was sworn in as interim president on Tuesday, succeeding Martin Vizcarra. He was voted out as president by parliament on Monday. As regional governor, Vizcarra is said to have accepted bribes from project developers in 2014. He has denied those allegations, but has also said he is not taking legal action to stay in power.

The political situation in Peru has been unstable in recent years. In the past five years, three attempts had been made to impeach a sitting president. Vizcarra’s four predecessors have all been suspects in corruption investigations.

Elections are scheduled for April next year.

Confrontations between protesters and riot police in Lima, during a protest against the new Peruvian government.Image AFP


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