Permitted for publication: Or Akiva Mayor suspected of rape and offenses …


Serious suspicions against the mayor: Yaakov Edri, the mayor of Or Akiva who was arrested about two weeks ago on suspicion of corruption – also suspected of rape and violent offenses, was released today (Wednesday).

One of the interrogees in the case testified about two weeks ago that Edri raped her more than ten years ago, according to her. Edri was released under house arrest and so were the businessmen arrested in the affair. The other suspect in the affair, Orly Yehezkel, who has been a right-hand man for years, was also recently released unexpectedly.

Ezekiel was defined as a key suspect in the affair and the findings of the investigation revealed that she allegedly mediated between Edri and businessmen on whose behalf he acted in exchange for a bribe. Last week it was first reported on the N12 that the police had offered Orly Yehezkel to sign a state witness agreement.

In the absence of Edri, the attorneys Dr. Yechiel Weinroth, Meir Avraham and Vigel David from the firm of Dr. Y. Weinroth & Co. said: “The restraining order expired today and has not been extended, with the consent of Mr. Edri. For the body of the new suspicions attributed to Mr. Edri in the field of sexual offenses and violence, these are suspicions whose severity is so unfounded.”

They added that “the fact that these are suspicions for which a complaint has never been filed against Mr. Edri, also testifies as a thousand witnesses to the seriousness of those” suspicions “, and that they were born with the sole purpose of harming Mr. Edri, and blackening his face, for obvious reasons Engines do not specify them. “

The affair began on suspicion of biasing tenders and accepting bribes from business owners

As mentioned, about two weeks ago, Edri was arrested on suspicion of serious corruption offenses. According to the suspicion, he acted together with his personal assistant, Orly Yehezkel, and together the two promoted each other’s interests, while those close to them – cut millions of shekels from it.
Particularly serious suspicions. Yaakov Edri | Photo: Miriam Elster, Flash 90

At the end of a year of covert investigation, Edri, Ezekiel and several other suspects were arrested on suspicion of promoting and skewing tenders within the PA by business owners who apparently paid bribes and in return elected officials, including Edri who allegedly received money and in return promoted the interests of others.

YAHA’s investigation reveals that there was a bribery relationship between Yaakov Edri and Orly Yehezkel, a lobbyist with a public relations firm. As part of their relationship, Edri is suspected of having performed various actions in front of her clients and for this purpose he exercised his powers to promote them. These include matters in the field of appointments and construction planning.

In return, Ezekiel and Edri’s people receive various benefits in the form of vouchers, appointments and other permits that allow for various benefits. According to the suspicion, all these benefits yielded millions of profits to the mayor’s associates and, according to the suspicion, to Ezekiel herself.


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