People are stuck in traffic for the new book by Tante Rikie


She signs piles of books. One signature after another. “I’m not used to anything else”, says the famous figurehead of the Zwarte Cross in the Achterhoek, laughing after yet another. “I always put signatures before, so …”

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Read a lot

After part 1 there is now part 2 of Tante Rikie’s impossibly beautiful storybook. In this way, the Achterhoek dialect is preserved for future generations. “Read aloud a lot, then it will be fine”, says a mother who also comes to score a book with her two boys in the car – corona proof.

The Achterhoek stories were written or delivered (and translated) by all kinds of famous Dutch people. Gerda Havertong, Guus Hiddink and Arnon Grunberg contributed among others. The book is intended for children from 1 to 13 years old and is also available in a listening version.

Even a real Achterhoeker like Gijs Jolink learns a bit more Achterhoek thanks to the new book. “A squirrel, that’s a ‘kateeker’. That’s very old Achterhoeks, I didn’t know it. Just say ‘the cat who climbs in the oaks’. And so you always learn something new.”

Everyone had already finished part 1 and that’s why Aunt Rikie thought it was high time for part 2. And maybe it won’t stop there. “A third too …”, she says hopefully, “if possible …”

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