Patrick Lefevere once spoke with Wout van Aert, but what about Mathieu van der Poel? “The Roodhooft brothers probably thought there was something behind it”


Patrick Lefevere is always clear and honest in his communication and that is no different in 2020. He has admitted several times that he once talked to Wout Van Aert, but was he never interested in that other goldcrest?

“I never negotiated directly with Mathieu. I always had a good relationship with his father Adri, who drove with me for a few more years,” said Lefevere at Sporza.

No deal

“I once spoke to the Roodhooft brothers themselves and asked them if they didn’t want to come to us. But they probably thought there was something else behind it. That I wanted Mathieu or something? But that was not my intention.”

It didn’t come to a deal with the brothers: “They chose to continue on their own. And I can’t say they’re doing it badly … It is what it is.”


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