Painful: ‘The Matrix 4’ makers discredited in Germany


The recording of The Matrix 4 is ready in Germany. That was celebrated, to the shock of the German authorities. The party that was organized went directly against the corona rules.

Parties may be organized with up to 50 people in Berlin and the neighboring state of Brandenburg. To celebrate the end of the rapture period, a large party was celebrated with more than two hundred people in attendance. That is therefore not allowed according to the rules, although measures were taken.

Disguised as a set
About two hundred people attended the party, which was disguised as a movie set. The guests were invited as extras, in order to circumvent the measures. Attendees had to wear a mouth mask, “but people didn’t wear them as the evening went on”, an attendee argues against Bild. Actor Keanu Reeves and his partner, artist Alexandra Grant, were also in attendance at the party, but left early in the evening, according to de Bild.

According to a spokesperson for Studio Babelsberg, they had been told that it would be part of the filming. But it doesn’t really look like that now, if we can rely on the stories of de Bild: “There were no directing instructions, there was a clapperboard and no one was recording.”

The German health authorities have announced that they will enter into talks with the producers and the studio.


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