OVERVIEW. The number of infections and patients in hospitals continues to fall, but the average number of deaths continues to rise to almost 200 per day | Instagram VTM NEWS


The average number of new infections with the coronavirus in our country continues to fall, falling by almost half in the week from 2 to 8 November compared to a week before, to less than 7,700 new cases per day. The number of patients with Covid-19 in hospital and in the intensive care unit also continues to decline. The number of deaths is still increasing. This is evident from new data from the Sciensano health institute.

In the week of November 2 through 8, there were daily average 7,665 new infections Bee. That is almost a halving (-46 percent) compared to the seven previous days.

The last confirmed daily figure dates from Sunday, November 8. At the time, 1,440 new infections with the corona virus were added, but this could have a weekend effect. On Monday, November 9, there are provisionally 7,359 new cases in the books, but that number can still be updated. The same applies to the 3,034 new cases from Tuesday, November 10, and the 4 cases from Wednesday, November 11.

The number of confirmed corona cases since the start of the pandemic now stands at 515,391.

Hospital admissions

The average number of patients admitted to the hospital every day also continues to decrease compared to a week earlier, now for the ninth day in a row. From 5 to 11 November, the average was 520 admissions per day, almost a quarter (24 percent) less than in the previous week.

Yesterday 542 new patients were admitted, Tuesday there were 609 and Monday 434. A weekend effect can also play a role here. During the peak last Tuesday, it was still 879 admissions per day.

Currently, 6,876 people are in hospital (3 percent less than reported yesterday), 1,463 of whom are in intensive care units. The number of patients on intensive care has thus decreased for the second day in a row since September, although the decrease is very small. On Tuesday, November 10, this involved 1,470 patients and on Monday, November 9, 1,474 patients.


The number of deaths is still on the rise. From 2 to 8 November, an average of 199 people in Belgium died of Covid-19 every day. That is almost a third (32 percent) more than in the previous seven days.

For November 6, there is a daily value of 214 deaths, the highest number in the second wave. The total death toll since the start of the pandemic is now 13,758.


The number of tests decreases further to 36,825 per day. To relieve the burden on laboratories and primary care, for a few weeks only people with symptoms or people without symptoms have been tested in a cluster outbreak.

The positivity ratio also continued to fall, to an average of 23.7 percent. That still means that almost one in four people who are tested turns out to be positive. The figure would have to be 5 percent according to the World Health Organization (WHO) for the epidemic to be considered under control.


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