Osher Ben David runs Nasreen Kadri


About a week ago, we told you for the first time that a mobile phone had been ordered by residents of a building in Rishon Lezion following complaints about a loud incident between a man and a woman. When the police arrived at the scene, they learned that it was the couple Nasreen Kadri and her drubbist, Osher Ben-David. Later insiders told us that one of the reasons for the explosion between the two was the fact that it was approved Wants Nasreen to leave “Liam Productions” owned by Eyal Golan and move to be under his management, which led to high tones and many emotions in the conversation.

A few days after our announcement that Osher had asked Mansrin to manage it, Kadri did indeed leave Eyal Golan and “Liam Productions” and according to insiders, Golan was hurt by her dramatic departure and has a hard time understanding why she did it. “Eyal was surprised after all these years together, when in fact he was the one who found Nasreen in the show and nurtured her into the big star she is today,” an acquaintance of the two told us.

Last month, as we recall, we published that Nasreen Refused Omar Adam’s offer to manage it himself, which was the first hint that she would leave Golan’s management. Now, according to people close to the singer, Nasreen is currently being run by her partner, at least for now.

The manager and the friend. Happiness Ben David|Photography: From Osher Ben David’s Facebook / From Nasreen Kadri’s Instagram

Osher Ben David and another member of Nasreen’s band, Yonatan, have started managing the successful singer, which means that in the near future the people are answering calls about booking future performances and managing her tight schedule. Surrounding the singer wants to make it clear that the future is not yet clear, but right now, the two are her new principals.

Mansrin Kadri has not yet responded to the news.

Nasreen Kadri (Photo: Eclipse Media, PR)
No longer. Eyal Golan and Nasreen Kadri|Photography: Eclipse Media, PR


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