One of the popular singers in Egypt was photographed with Omar Adam and caused a storm


Israeli singer Omar Adam, who has been in Dubai for the past few weeks, managed to stir up a storm when he uploaded a photo to his Instagram account with none other than Muhammad Ramadan, one of the most popular singers and actors in Egypt. The picture led to thousands of comments from surfers from around the Arab world, who did not like the connection between the Egyptian and the Israeli.

Following the storm, which also brought derogatory nicknames to Ramadan such as “traitor and” Zionist “, the Egyptian singer was quick to clarify that” I did not know and did not ask who he is, any person who is photographed with me, as long as he is a person I am photographed with, “His citizenship, we are all human beings and were created by Allah, I do not know with whom I am photographed, anyone who seeks to be photographed with me I agree and do not refuse, and the whole public knows this,” Ramadan responded in response to the criticism.

A video was later released in which Ramadan was seen dancing to the tune of “Let’s Reveal”, in the same place where he was photographed with Omar Adam, which only made the spirits even more exciting. After reacting unknowingly, another video was released in which Ramadan was seen dancing to the tune of the song “Let’s Reveal”, which further agitated the extremists in Egypt and the Palestinian Authority.


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