On the set “Golstaria”: Ortal Amar was injured and disabled


With the opening shot for the filming of the new season of “Golstaria” there was no small drama: Leahy Griner, who was supposed to star in the filming, announced that she did not intend to be photographed after discovering that the amount offered to her for the participation was lower than the others.

At the beginning of the filming, we learned that Maya Busquila had injured her leg and tore a muscle, what awaits her is a long rehabilitation and therefore her continued participation in the program is unknown. She was also followed by Ruslana Rudina, who was injured, and a doctor who arrived at the scene gave her medical treatment. This morning (Tuesday) we discovered that Ortal Amar could not avoid the injury fever and was injured herself.

She is currently receiving medical treatment. Ortal Amar | Photo: Paul Segal

Sources in the production update that already last night Amar was injured during the filming, and since then all her activities have been suspended. Right at this moment she is receiving medical treatment and she was injected with a dose of Voltrin. Doctors have announced that they will continue to monitor her injury and meanwhile are waiting for her recovery. Taylor Malchov, Little Samadja and Simcha Guetta – beware.

Ben El Tavori, Ortal Amar (Photo: From Ben El Tavori's Instagram page)
Waiting to hear about the recovery. Amar, Ben El and Tu Prince | Photo: From Ben El Tavori’s Instagram page


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