OMT wants to see whether the Christmas holidays schools can be extended


The Outbreak Management Team wants to investigate whether the Christmas holidays at all schools should last a week longer this year. Sources confirm this to the NOS. Some of the corona experts who advise the cabinet point out that a temporary drop in the number of infections was seen after the closure of schools during the autumn holidays.

There is apparently still a discussion behind the scenes of the OMT about the usefulness of the measure. Not all experts agree to what extent high school students spread the virus. That’s why they want to find out whether extending the Christmas holidays can help reduce the number of infections.

Political reporter Albert Bos calls this advice “spicy, because the cabinet has so far opted to keep schools open as much as possible”.

Slight decrease

The OMT also reports to the cabinet that further relaxation of the corona measures is not possible for the time being. The number of infections is still too high for that. There was a slight decrease in the figures on Sunday and Monday, but there is no trend yet. Prime Minister Rutte said last weekend that he did not like the figures.

The advice that the members of the OMT have now sent to the cabinet is an interim advice. In two weeks, on December 8th. Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge will again give a press conference. They therefore want to provide clarity about the holidays. Before then, the corona experts will give their judgment again.

‘Political consideration’

The OMT wrote to the cabinet last week that a relaxation around the holidays is “a political consideration”. “There are still a significant number of new Covid-19 cases coming daily, the bulk is still large. And the more people come together, the higher the risk of transmission and resurgence of the epidemic.”

The members of the expert team then advised that people could receive a maximum of six guests at Christmas. But now they see it differently. There should be a maximum of three.


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