Omroep Flevoland – News – Three Talma Haven residents succumbed to COVID-19


Three residents of Talma Haven residential care center in Urk have died of COVID-19 in recent days. This confirms director Wilfred Muller of Talma Urk. Last week it was announced that in one of the departments of Talma Haven almost all fifteen residents had become infected. Vulnerable elderly people with dementia live in the ward.

The corona virus entered the residential care center through family visits. The family member did not test positive until days after the visit, but by that time the virus had already spread on the ward.

Talma Urk also has 13 employees who have tested positive. They work in Talma Haven, Het Dok and in home care, but are now forced to sit at home. According to director Muller, it is currently still possible to complete the schedules, but employees are working extra shifts. The events make a big impression, he notices. “Those deaths are very serious. And employees are already having a hard time due to the extra shifts and the extra protective clothing they have to wear.

Municipality measures
During the committee meeting on Tuesday evening, the ChristenUnie expressed its concerns about the developments surrounding corona in Urk and asked Alderman Freek Brouwer about the current state of affairs. The alderman said that the municipality has several meetings with healthcare authorities every day. A public campaign has started and the museum and swimming pool will remain closed for the time being. There will also be a mobile test location of the GGD in the municipality from Wednesday.

According to the councilor, the impact of the corona infections has consequences for the vaccinations of infants, among other things. Because some mothers are in home quarantine, the health clinic comes to those families to give the vaccinations at home.

Brouwer is pleased with the conversations he has with Urk GPs. According to him, they see a change in the behavior of part of the Urk population. For example, according to the GPs, more and more masks are worn in shops and people are increasingly adhering to the measures.

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