OM: Suspect of fatal Scheveningen stabbing had knives in his hands | NOW


Images of the fatal stabbing incident in Scheveningen last August show that one of the suspects had knives in his hands. This came to the fore on Tuesday during an introductory hearing in the court of The Hague.

A third suspect is still on the run. Images show that Tyrece B. had a firearm in his possession. Police released his name and photo in late October to find him.

The fatal stabbing incident is said to have occurred after a conflict between the rival drillrap groups Blacka 24 from Rotterdam and 73 De Pijp from Amsterdam. The two groups met on August 10 at the Scheveningen Pier.

Images show that the victim Cennethson Janga is running between two men. These are the two suspects who are on trial on Monday. According to police, both Roan W. and Darrel L. make arm movements when the victim passes. Presumably W. and L. stabbed nineteen-year-old Janga at that time.

Knives found in trash can

An autopsy shows that the victim, also known as ‘Chuchu’, has a stab wound on both sides of his body. The fatal injury is said to have been inflicted with a large knife.

Three knives were found in a trash can on the Pier. Images show that W. and L. seem to put something in there. Both the victim’s blood and L.’s DNA material were found on one of the knives.

A folding knife also contains the blood of ‘Chuchu’. Presumably this weapon belongs to W. During a search, the cover that would belong to the folding knife was found with him.

Suspects deny involvement

Lawyer Johan Mühren says that his client W. denies that he had a weapon in his pocket and that he stabbed the victim. The twenty-year-old man from Zaanstad would not belong to a drillrap group and would not be involved in the conflict.

Mühren also refers to the conversations overheard in prison in which W. tells his mother and friends that he is not involved in the stabbing.

Gerald Roethof, who assists L., acknowledges that his client has a knife in his hand, but that this was only observed after the stabbing incident. “My client was there that day to relax, not to fight,” said the lawyer.


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