Offensive beheaded Ghent seizes the three points against Charlero …


A victory for character and perseverance. That is how you can without a doubt describe the three-pointer of the Buffalos visiting Charleroi. Due to the absence of no fewer than three potential holders, Ghent kicked off without a center forward. But that did not inspire the home team to great deeds. On the contrary, it was Wim De Decker’s troops who took the lead immediately after the break and eventually managed to stay upright after the break and took the three points with them to Ghent.

At Charleroi, which, provided a victory would again come alongside leader Club Brugge, T1 Belhocine could ultimately not appeal to Nicholson, who did not return in time from Saudi Arabia where he completed two friendly matches with the Jamaican national team and also for corona reasons by the local authorities were not allowed to leave the country. With this, Berahino appeared again at the kick-off, while Diandy, Teodorczyk and Bruno and Flanagan were not yet eligible for a place on the competition sheet due to injuries.

It was again quite a puzzle for Ghent coach De Decker in the run-up to the game in Charleroi. Yaremchuk turned out not to have returned unscathed from the Ukrainian national team ravaged by a corona outbreak, and the absence of Depoitre (not fit) and Kleindienst (not yet fit enough after a covid contamination during the international break) was not the entire armada of Ghent center strikers. available.

Plus, Castro-Montes didn’t feel ready for the big deal after previously testing positive for covid. Owusu in turn tested negative again last Friday, but started at the Ghent bank. In the opening phase of the match, the Buffalos took control of the party, but all too often their offensive aspirations were stranded at an early stage: De Decker stated. in the opening quarter it was immediately clear that his team – again with an unedited composition – hardly or not at all appeared in the Charleroi box.

The home team in turn could not charm either. The Belhocine team played very sloppy and was not in the least able to grab the ‘searching’ visitors by the throat before the break. And that resulted in a particularly underprivileged game of football where a ‘shot’ from Kums in the half hour would eventually go into the books as the first goal hazard, but an attentive Penneteau grabbed hold of it.

A riot between Dorsch and Rezaei then only resulted in some rare spectacle. Moments later, Dessoleil cleverly headed towards goal, Bolat seemed surprised but to his relief saw the ball fall wide of his goal. And that actually led to a revival among the Zebras who put their noses at the window twice via Gholizadeh, but in the zone of truth, everything went wrong – perfectly according to the match picture before half-time. And just when everyone seemed to be reconciling with a 0-0 half time score, Dessoleil made a horrible mistake. Bukari benefited optimally and actually took Ghent ahead.

The fiercely afflicted Buffalos had clearly gained confidence thanks to that first hit by Bukari in Ghent’s payroll. On a corner by Kums, Ngadeu came up dangerously at the first post but the Cameroonian headed over. On the other side, Fall escaped but was stopped by Bolat, who had come out well. But the best opportunity was undoubtedly for Bezus, who wanted to do too well face to face with Penneteau and missed an excellent opportunity to decide the game early on. A hard-working Odijdja was also noticed, but his shot – after Berahino lost the ball – was turned into a corner by Penneteau.

Charleroi seemed unable to make a fist against a solidly defensive Ghent, but when Rezaei slipped through the offside trap, an excellent parade was needed from Bolat, also assisted by Hanche-Olsen who saved the ball. Charleroi had more ball possession in the final quarter, but it was no longer really dangerous for Bolat’s cage and so the Buffalos were allowed to celebrate another victory in Charleroi.


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