New US death penalty rules: firing squad and electric chair allowed


Trump is a strong supporter of the death penalty. At the end of his term, he wants to execute a number of people who have been sentenced to death. To make this possible, the Ministry of Justice has now amended the rules.

The new rules should prevent delays in executing executions, CNN writes. This can be caused by rules prohibiting the use of lethal injections, or because the drug is not available.

It involves carrying out the death penalty for people convicted at the federal level. Individual states set their own rules for carrying out the death penalty.

Deploy firing squad

According to CNN, the rules make it possible to use a firing squad for executions or to use the electric chair again. Whether that will actually happen is the question: in most planned executions it has already been established that a lethal injection will be used.

The rule will be short-lived anyway: Trump’s successor, Joe Biden, is opposed to the federal death penalty. It is therefore expected that his government will quickly reverse the change. Biden will take office as president on January 20.


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