Netflix comes with a Top 50 most watched films and series


Netflix now comes with a top fifty most watched films and series.

Netflix launched the new one earlier this year Top 10-position. Every day Netflix shows which films and series are the most popular. The rankings change every day and say something about what scores well on the platform.

Now it looks like Netflix is ​​going to expand the feature even further. It would have been decided to publish a top 50 for films and series. At least reporter Saqib Shah of S&P Global Market Intelligence Tech reports that. He said on Twitter that trials are being done with a top 50.

New function
“Netflix has confirmed to me that it is testing a top 50 list, expanding on the top 10 rolled out earlier this year. In line with that feature, there is a top 50 list for all content on the homepage and a separate list for films and series “, write Shah.

The goal is of course to make it easier for viewers and fans to find new content to watch. After all, fans quickly know what is going on and perhaps worth watching. The top 10 already appears to be very useful in this, but somewhat limited.


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