Netanyahu: This is the beginning of the end of the corona – political and political news


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is optimistic tonight (Wednesday) about the vaccines against Corona that will arrive in Israel.

In a video released by the Prime Minister’s Office, Netanyahu says: “Good news on the Corona front – yesterday I spoke with Modern CEO Stefan Bensel, yesterday with Dr. Tal Zacks, a senior member of the company, about signing an increase in the number of portions allocated to Israeli citizens. Signature – this is great news. “

In the video, Netanyahu also mentions Pfizer, which signed an agreement with Israel to receive 8 million vaccine doses: “Pfizer is going to submit a permit within days to the US medical authorities to provide these vaccines, and we will be among the first to receive them – this is the beginning of the corona.”

Pfizer had earlier released updated results showing that its vaccine efficacy had risen from 90% to 95% upon completion of the third phase of the trial.

The company says they will submit an “within days” application for emergency approval of the vaccine from the FDA.

The Ministry of Health updates that yesterday 819 new verified patients were diagnosed in Corona and results of 56,619 tests were obtained. The condition of 308 patients is now defined as severe and 125 respirators. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 2,738 patients have died in Israel.


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