Nati Haddad was released this morning from prison


After more than three years in prison, most of them in difficult conditions in the Thai prison in Copenhagen, prisoner Nati Haddad was released this morning from Hermon Prison and will be reunited with his mother Nurit after a long period. “I was made the head of a criminal organization and a criminal,” Haddad said this morning upon his release. “I am innocent and I will prove it soon. I thank everyone who released me. I want to get home.”

“That we lived and came to this day,” says mother Nurit in a conversation with Mako with tears streaming down her face, “After all the hard years and an annual nightmare he went through in Thai prison, after he almost died there, he finally returns home to his natural place. We prepared for him all the food he has. “Love, and friends and family are waiting for him outside the prison and at home in Tiberias. My whole body is shivering, I am shaking. I do not wish any mother the suffering I went through, I can finally hug my son, Nati was born again today.”

Just before his release, Haddad had time to say this morning to his excited mother: “Mom, at ten I’m getting out of jail. That’s it, hell is over. And I’m starting a new life.” Haddad, 36, was arrested in Thailand about three years ago for possession of a gun, running a clinic and possession of bullets in violation of the law. Last April, he was transferred to Israel after the intervention of the president Reuven Rivlin And began serving the remainder of his sentence in Hermon Prison.

About a week ago, the parole board decided to shorten his sentence (which was due to end in May 2021) due to good behavior, and after undergoing rehabilitation at Hermon Prison, he gained weight and was considered an exemplary prisoner with no disciplinary issues. In addition, a rehabilitation plan was recently prepared for him as part of the final release process from prison, and Haddad himself told his family members about the warm and sympathetic attitude on the part of the prison guards.

According to Haddad, he is happy to hear from the prisoners how much his mother Nurit fought to bring him to Israel to continue serving his sentence and release him from prison in Kosmoy. “Many inmates approached me and told me how much my mother fought for me like a lioness to bring me back to earth from hell there. They told me they knew I was not a criminal and that I just sat in jail in Thailand and did me an injustice. It warmed my heart and gave me strength and motivation to continue.”

Fought for his release. Nurit Hadad | Photo: Alon Chen, Private

Attorneys Shani Iluz and Shiran Gloveri, who represented Haddad and assisted him extensively regarding the conditions of his incarceration, ensured that his full stay in Thai prison would be considered as shortened his sentence in Israel, and this morning, their efforts bore fruit and Haddad was released to his home. “I am very excited to be released from prison after all the difficult and inhuman years I spent in prison in Kosmoy,” Haddad told his family in a conversation from prison about a week ago, “until I am home in Tiberias and hug my mother I will not believe I am released.”


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