Nasreen Kadri sums up her past makeover


Nasreen Kadri Has starred quite a bit in the headlines recently following her marital status and after the departure of “Liam Productions” andEyal Golan, Who discovered and nurtured her from the beginning of her career but now she brings back the talk of her from a completely different angle. It is no secret that in recent years and alongside the publicity, the singer has changed quite a bit of her appearance and alongside the pounds she shed has more than once revealed the cosmetic treatments she has undergone such as nose and chin sculpting. This morning (Thursday) the singer decided to upload a post with two pictures of the “before and after” change she made, and uploaded a post whose whole purpose is “Love yourself as you are”.

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And so she wrote: “There is no doubt that I underwent a huge change … but the truth is that even with 40 kilos more I felt like the queen of the world. Love yourself as you are … and beauty is only in the eye of the beholder … the main thing is that we love what we see in the mirror.” It is probably no coincidence that Kadri chose to share a post about self-love right now, when she is at the heart of a media storm and headlines reporting instability on the part of the singer, outbursts of anger and love for alcohol. Kadri’s relationship with the derbucker, too Happiness Ben David She knew unflattering headlines after we first posted here on TMI that she had summoned police to their home after an argument broke out, in response to which a cousin posted a post and next to his drabuka and wrote “the only one I raise a hand at”.

Nasreen Kadri (Photo: Instagram screenshot)
Nasreen Kadri (Photo: Rafi Daloia)Nasreen Kadri (Photo: Rafi Daloia)


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