Motorist drives into radio studio during broadcast: “Oh oh, that’s not going well here”


DEN HELDER – A motorist drove into the facade of the radio studio of the local broadcaster LOS on the Torplaan in Den Helder this morning. In the middle of a news broadcast suddenly a huge noise can be heard. Newsreader Gert-Jan Meijer is briefly upset: “Oh oh, that is not going well here. A car is just bumping into … that gentleman is driving out the facade. That is very less.”

Noordkop region

The havoc is enormous. Glass buckled all over the radio studio and windowsill. Radio host Gert-Jan Meijer has not even seen it happen. “I was reading a news item and all of a sudden a huge noise.” Meijer decides not to finish it and immediately starts a record with the words: “Let’s see what happened.”


It turns out to be an 82-year-old driver who was driven into the facade. The man reversed and tried to brake, but accidentally accelerated instead. The newsreader caught the man: “He was a bit hyper, but he said he was fine. He remained very calm, especially when you consider that the facade was half off.”

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Live on the radio: car breaks down in front of studio – NH Nieuws / Jurgen van den Bos

As if by a miracle no one was injured and Meijer himself remained calm under it, almost hypothermic even: “Yes, that’s a bit in my nature. I was in the navy for years and if something happens then you have to stay cool. So that will come naturally. ”

It sound clip is the talk of the day at the broadcaster. “It is pure coincidence, because usually the microphone is closed when the music is playing. From now on I always keep my microphone open. Then you experience something again on such a day.”

Noordkop region

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